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The easiest true side-chaining solution available

SideKick5 makes side-chaining very easy in your VST and AudioUnit DAW. Side-chaining is a usefull tool for musicians, producers, video editors and in radio broadcasting.

SideKick has helped many audio engineers by saving time while improving their mixes. Each SideKick5 you add in your mixer gets a number (1 to 16). And sends the audio it receives to all other SideKick5s in your mixer. This is done automatically through 16 stereo virtual buses.

Just select the virtual bus number of any SideKick5 you have put in your mixer to start side-chaining.

In popular music side-chaining is often referred to and used as a 'pumping' effect. In most of these cases the side-chain has been setup to listen to the kick or percussion, and then 'ducks' the volume of synthesizers and bass instruments.

Voice overs
In other media like video, films and radio, side-chaining is often used to attenuate the sound of voice overs. The side-chain will be setup to detect the voice and then lowers the volume of other audio sources like music.

With a traditional de-esser the side-chain only listens to a frequency range within 6 to 9 khz of the same source. Which reduces high frequencies of speech that tend to overdrive the audio on media like FM radio. By using the notch filter on the side-chain SideKick5 can be used to select a spectral focus within a certain frequency range to achieve this effect.

SideKick5 is made with native C++ and is built up from 10 years of experience ever since the first version of SideKick back in 2003. To give you the most easy and enjoyable side-chaining experience. This 5th generation of SideKick5 has completely been rewritten to improve compatibility, performance and usability. Check it out yourself; download it now and run a free trial !

Compatible with:
Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8. VST 32/64 bits
Mac OSX 10.5+ VST and AudioUnit universal x86_64

  • 16 stereo virtual buses to use as sidechain.
  • Spectral ducking and keying with a notch and bandpass filter.
  • Intuitive filter control with a XY pad.
  • Visual feedback of the sidechain and output spectrum.
  • Listen button for auditive feedback of the sidechain channel.
  • Master drive control with saturation to boost and fatten your sound.
  • Total Recall Automation, all parameters including the sidechain numbering will be saved in your projects.
  • Factory and custom presets, save your favorite settings as preset within SideKick5.


The most common questions are listed here.
Click on the topics for the anwsers.

1. Which hosts are supported?
SideKick5 is designed to work in all VST and AudioUnit hosts. You can try the plugin with the free trial to confirm this.
2. Any known issues?
1 known issue; Premiere's direct rendering works but the render que mechanism of 'Adobe Media Encoder' does not work. If you ever run into any other issue let me know with the contact form.
3. Is 64 bit supported?
Yes! Since version 5 SideKick has 64 bits support for pc and mac !
4. Where do I find the manual?
It is included in the install package. On OSX it in the dmg. And on Windows check the start menu after installation under 'Twisted Lemon' -> 'SideKick5'.
5. What are the trial restrictions?
The effect will work fully but will stop after 20 minutes. And the project settings and presets are not saved
6. How does the unlocking work?
After your purchase you will receive a serial. With this serial you can unlock your computer(s) within 2 weeks. (Licenses are locked to the physical computer). click 'enter your license' in SK5 and enter the serial into the registation dialog. Next you need to request a unlock key by visting a online link. You will receive this key in your email within minutes and will fully unlock SK5 for your computer
7. I bought a license, where is it?
You will receive your license within minutes of the PayPal confimation email. Please check your SPAM/Junk folder. If you still cannot find it notify me with an email, you can use the contact form next to this FAQ
8. Can I receive my license at an email address other than my PayPal email address?
Yes, fill in the 2nd email in to the box near the buy button before clicking your preferred currency. Your license will then be send to that email address and the PayPal address as well
9. Can I buy a license without a PayPal account?
Yes, you can complete the transaction at PayPal without having a PayPal account (with a credit or debit card). When you complete the transaction you have the 'option' to create a account.
10. Do you offer discounts for multiple licenses?
Yes, if the quantity is 5 or higher. Please contact me for further details
11. How do I tranfer my license to another computer or new installation?
You can request a new license when the serial has expired (2 weeks) and by deactivating the current license key. Do this by clicking on the SideKick5 logo in the interface, and then selecting the deauthorize button in de bottom of the window.
12. Are updates free?
Yes, for registered users of SideKick5 all updates within version 5 are free.
13. Can I upgrade from SideKick4 to 5?
Yes, registered users of SideKick4 can upgrade with a 50% discount to version 5. Send me a message if you have not received the upgrade email yet.


If your question is not listed, send it to me with the contact form and ill get back to you ASAP.

Change logs

The changes since the last release.

v5 r163 (2013-06-10)
- Fix for settings being reset in some cases on project reload after save.

v5 r158 (2013-05-01)
- Fix for sidechain filter denormals on 48khz.
- Fix for changing bus numbers on rare occasions at project reload on some hosts.
- Integrated presets with optional host preset selection system.
- Some optimizations.
- Adjustment of the sidechain bus colors.

v5 r149 (2013-04-26)
- Fix deadlock issue with Premiere Pro.
- Fix bus syncronization Logic/Vegas.
- Fix text input for presets in Ableton Live on Windows.
- Deauthorization fix.

v5 r129 (2013-04-03)
- Streamlined the Windows installer.
- Fix for bus delay in Logic Pro.
- Fix for wrong instance numbering reloading projects on some hosts (Adobe/Vegas/Logic).
- Added parameter naming for UI-less interfaces.

v5 r104 (2013-03-25)
- Added paste buttons to the registration page to support hosts without key input.
- Increased the buffer size to prevent stuttering audio on some non-realtime hosts.

v5 r99 (2013-03-11)
- Added broader registering support.

v5 r94 (2013-02-28)
- Fix for -6 dB gain when power was switched off.
- Fix interpolation of master filter.
- The first inserted SideKick5 in your mixer will automatically be turned off to make the sidechain setup easier and quicker.
- The power off screen now emphasizes sidechain bus details to understand the setup.

v5 r90 (2013-02-19)
- Initial release !